When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 31 years ago I did absolutely no research on the subject. I know that my mother did and I am glad that she kept what she found from me, I had no idea of the severity of the disease. Looking back I’m not sure if my ignorance was the best way to deal with it; would it have made any difference if I had known all the possibilities the disease could bring, I’m really not sure. I did not meet anyone with Crohn’s until I had it for 7 years when I became a patient at St Marks Hospital, it was a harsh reality check.

I have done more research in the last few weeks than I have ever done but better late than ever!! As with everything there is so much information out there that I thought it may be useful to put together some information for those that are interested.

Below are useful links to Crohn’s and the main procedures I have had carried out:

Crohn’s Disease:

Subtotal colectomy:

Ileocaecal anastomosis:

Definition of a stoma:

Types of ileostomy:


Below are links links to further reading and support:

Below are links to Ostomy suppliers and support: